Learning intention Together we will discuss the purpose of this elective and introduce the 4th industrial revolution. 
Success Criteria
  • I participated in class discussion around the future of work.
  • I participated in class activities that helped me identify the kind of skills that are important in future jobs. 
  • I understand the purpose of this elective. 
Lesson plan Overview This lesson should have been completed in Orientation week.  If you are using the student OneNote page, you shouldn’t need to print out the worksheet. 

Task Time Resources Notes
This powerpoint structures the entire lesson, feel free to modify to your teaching style.  Keep the activities the same though.  <<IP T1L1.pptx>>


Setting up OneNote 10 mins Not sure if this should be done in orientation week if class list will change for next year?  Need to discuss with teachers 
Activity 1 Race against the machines 15 mins Will need domino laying train  (borrow from Tech School)  Some domino’s Activity 1 is a fun starter where some students race against a domino laying train by setting their own 10 dominos. (Should have enough dominos for 7 student volunteers)  To set the train, put in 10 domino’s into the cartridge and turn on when ready.  Some students might beat the train but judge each set of students dominos by how evenly spaced the dominos are as well.  This opens up the discussion around how machines are replacing people in the workplace. 
Activity 1 reflection and discussion 10 mins Go through reflection questions. This leads to introduction to the 4th industrial revolution and CCC skills and what it means for students. 
Activity 2 and discussions 15 mins <<Pen Challenge worksheet.docx>> You will need click pens that have springs in them. Each group should have 10 pens.  (Tech School can provide)  Activity 2 is called the pen challenge, students are grouped into 4 and are tasked to constructing as many pens as they can in 10 minutes. They get two rounds with the idea that round 2 should be quicker because they would discuss strategies on how they could get it done faster. The task demonstrates what CCC skills are. 

*Note: Inquiry means investigation into something unknown. An investigation involves Critical thinking skills is analysing data and facts to draw conclusions. Collaboration is working with others to get tasks done as well as using people skills to draw out necessary information. Creative thinking is coming up with new and novel ideas or solutions. 

Lesson feedback Include here any feedback on lesson plan, what worked, what needs improvement etc. 
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