Introduction to Entrepreneurship

Free to Government High School Students – Victoria (Metro & Regional) 


Introduction to Entrepreneurship


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What is it?

Student Startup will introduce students to the entrepreneurial mindsets, toolsets, and skillsets as used in startups globally.

You will journey through a full entrepreneurial cycle of starting a business.


Funded by the Victorian Government’s Victorian Challenge and Enrichment Series this is a FREE 2-day Introduction to Entrepreneurship online and face-to-face experience for students to learn key entrepreneurial skills.


In the Introduction to Entrepreneurship program you will learn key entrepreneurial skills through immersive activities to kick start your business. Ideal for students who are just embarking on their entrepreneurship journey.


If you have been working on your business or have completed the Introduction to Entreprenuership program apply for the Accelerator program.

Why it's unique?


The Introduction to Entrepreneurship program will introduce you to the methodologies used in startups globally through practical activities unlike standard theory based subjects.

You will rapidly learn the entrepreneurial mindset, ideation, prototyping, customer discovery, how to test your business idea, branding and pitching. By the end of the program you will have experienced a complete entrepreneurial cycle t
o launch your business idea.


“The 3D Printer Boy” Featured on Channel 9!

Program Outline

Introduction to Entrepreneurship


Startup ideas usually come from an untapped opportunity or an identified problem or frustration that is personally experienced. In this section you will uncover how to unpack a problem/opportunity, distill this into a succinct statement that will be used throughout the program.

Value Proposition

Understanding what value a startup provides is the backbone of all profitable business. In this module you will explore customer segments and the value the startup is aiming to provide.

Solution Design

This module is about how to develop the minimal viable startup offering based on the problem and value proposition. You will explore how to test our offering using digital and non digital processes.

Branding & Pitching

The program culminates with an exercise in branding and pitching.

Student Reviews


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New Ideas

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I personally liked this program as it didn't require much intense work as it was very laid back with plenty of time given to all elements.
It was an amazing program and I enjoyed it thoroughly!
I think it was a great way to do the program online and wish that my classes at school used similar techniques.
I really enjoyed this program and liked the approach that it took towards providing students with developing an idea.
My overall experience was awesome i really enjoyed the class. The teacher made me feel welcomed into this class and I really loved the experience. Thank you very much for this experience
Overall, I thought this class was very interesting and I was able to learn many things.

Teacher Reviews

Nadia TomarchioStudent Leadership, Voice and Agency Coordinator Northern College of the Arts and Technology
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The Introduction to Entrepreneurship Program provided our students the knowledge and skills to engage in the entrepreneurship process within a supportive and collaborative learning environment. They were able to identify, share and explore their business idea within a start-up framework from ideation through to a 2 minute pitch presentation using the latest online tools; Miro, Canvas, CAD.

The program allowed them to develop an MVP as they received personalised expert guidance and advice on their business idea. They enjoyed the applied learning experience and gained valuable IT, communication, problem-solving and presentation skills. An overall, great introduction into entrepreneurship that fosters student voice and agency in learning.



Most frequent questions and answers

It is best if you have been thinking about an idea before the session. Ideas can be technical, creative, business or mission oriented. The most important thing is that the idea relates in some way to your everyday life, like Cooper Waller. We will guide you through the process if you are struggling to come up with an idea.

The skills you learn in this program can also be applied to future business ideas or jobs.

The program is for government high school students in years 8-12 throughout Victoria, metro and regional.

All sessions will be facilitated by startup experts from the Tech Schools, Melbourne Innovation Centre and mentors from our partners. Learn key entrepreneurial skills and work through a variety of activities to solve problems and create innovative solutions. You will use Zoom conferencing and other collaboration tools to participate in the program.

When you participate in the program:

  • Your will learn critical entrepreneurial and employability skills, such as problem solving, customer centric design, business model development, and branding and presentation skills.
  • You will learn about the value proposition map and business model canvas – two important tools used in the startup sector globally.
  • Depending on student numbers you may work independently or in teams to design an original product prototype to address a real-world problem.

Students need to get their parents/guardian and teacher/schools permission before booking. Please use the Book Now button to register. If you have any issues please use this link to leave a message or get a call back from the Program Manager.


You will require a computer or laptop, internet connection, a pen and paper.

We also ask that you set up in a place were you can concentrate to avoid distractions and interruptions.

Cameras and microphones are required to be switched on for full engagement.


Attend the venue at 9:00am all materials required for the session will be provided by the Tech School.

Program Dates for 2022 are available at this link. 

From time to time we may change the offering to reflect demand and other operational reasons. If you’re looking for something outside these dates please click this link for a response or call back by the Program Manager. 

Forward this website to the student’s teacher and ask them to book a consultation with the Program Manager at this link to discuss further.