Developed by founder, Daniel of Parade College, Noterist is a web based application that stores images of your notes, so you can access them anywhere. Use your phone to snap a photo of your notes, give it a quick tag and description. Now, on any device, a simple search on noterist will show those notes, wherever you are.

Problem: Students can find it hard to organise all study notes in one place, particularly if they are taking handwritten notes.

Solution: A web based application where you can easily organise and store handwritten study notes.


Student Start-up Journey: Daniel brought a strong foundation and understanding of coding to the Student Start-up program. As a generous member of the cohort, he offered support and encouragement to other Student Start-up participants. Noterist is a project he had developed some of the core components of prior to entering the program.

The lean start-up methodology focused theory and workshops have assisted Daniel in understanding the importance of gaining early stage customer insights and focusing on isolated features of Noterist to validate market interest. Understanding students are busy, Daniel utilised online forums and social media to ask questions of his target users and better understand what their pain points are. This validated some of his earlier assumptions, but also gave him further confidence that the platform would solve a real problem for a broader range of students.

Noterist is now in public beta, and Daniel delivered a killer pitch at the Student Start-up Pitch Event. He engaged the audience in the story and encouraged all to sign up for the public beta. Student Start-up mentors David Williamson and Brett Melville believe Noterist has potential applications beyond the student cohort, but look forward to continuing to support the Noterist team post public beta phase and hope to see user adoption grow in the coming months.