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November 26, 2018

Feature: WifiWall Australia

WifiWall Australia understands what parents go through trying to control their children’s internet usage. That’s why they’re creating an app that will allow parents to seamlessly gain control over what devices can or cannot have access to the home wifi network at any given time.

Problem: Many parents across Australia are struggling with ensuring safe internet usage by their children in the home.

Solution: A phone based app that allows parents to control individual devices.

Website: http://wifiwall.com.au/

Student Start-up Journey: Founded by Manu Ranganathan, WifiWall is the solution to a challenge faced by most parents, how do you limit access to devices at home and provide a flexible home wifi configuration for the whole family.

Manu entered the program at an earlier stage in the product lifecycle than his peers. He made up for this quickly by utilising a range of concepts, including the lean start-up methodology to quickly understand where to prioritise his resources in order to test his hypothesis that Wifi-Wall would be a solution to common problem in households globally.

As such, the Minimum Viable Product solution was somewhat different to a usual prototyping process being an early stage version of the final product solution. Utilising the guidance of program mentors, Manu engaged a copy writer to build a guide for parents to ensure a safe environment for their kids online. The aim of developing this asset is to capture potential early stage users by capturing contact details in order to download the guide.

WifiWall has also developed a clear explainer video conveying the key value proposition and an insight into the simple and effective key features of WifiWall.

Manu exuded confidence in his final pitch and delivered it like a seasoned entrepreneur. The audience was instantly engaged and could see the value in the concept. WifiWall will continue to generate leads through its MVP while it progresses to complete the working platform prototype. Keep an eye on this one!