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November 26, 2018
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November 26, 2018

Feature: Mythic Realms

Mythic Realms has created a new server gamemode, utilising Skyblock, for the popular game Minecraft. Providing game players with a supportive, fun and unique Minecraft experience.

Problem: Many Minecraft server owners are only interested in making large profits from their servers and don’t focus on improving the user experience.

Solution: Provide higher levels of customers service, take on customer feedback, implement new features and generally make the gaming environment friendlier.

Website: http://www.mythicrealms.net/

Student Start-up Journey: Mythic Realms was founded by Leo Lopez of Viewbank College. As an avid gamer, Leo entered Student Start-up with an ambition to create a business model supporting his greatest passion. Not a bad starting point from a mentor’s perspective!

Mythic Realms is a response to one of the emerging challenges of online gaming, where due to the growth and popularity of particular games and platforms, user experience from a server perspective is typically a low priority.

Leo brought with him a toolkit of strong tech skills and a passion for creating the best server environment for Skyblock Minecraft players.

With the industry highly competitive, Leo understood that he needed to establish a strong brand and a key point of difference. Inspired by some of the expert entrepreneur Q+A’s through Student Start-up, Leo quickly identified that user experience was the priority in order to gain traction.

From a branding perspective, Leo recognised that the most successful servers from both a revenue and user number perspective were those which created a buzz around their brand. To support this Leo engaged designers to create video and graphical assets, including an impressive trailer announcing the impending launch and a logo which would resonate with his audience.

Using the business model canvas, Leo has been able to identify the key revenue drivers for his business, and understand how a strong value proposition, tested and validated will lead to a greater chance of success.

Leo impressed during his pitch with his clear and consistent message regarding value proposition, and a bit of hollywood by showing off his impactful trailer.