Student Start-Up Academy

Information for Students

In our advanced Student Start-Up Academy, you will have the unique opportunity to develop your business idea and launch to market.

Your idea

Whether your business idea is technical or creative, our mentors and industry experts will be able to help you develop it into a launch-ready product or service.

When you participate in this program, you will:

  • Attend 5 days of intensive workshops (once workshop per week) from mentors and industry experts
  • Learn critical entrepreneurial and employability skills, such as problem solving, customer centric design, business model development, data analysis/measurement, and project execution
  • Design an original product prototype to address a real-world problem and pitch to a live audience


The workshops will include virtual, interactive sessions with In2Science mentors and industry experts from Melbourne innovation Centre to help you learn key entrepreneurial skills and work through a variety of activities to solve problems and create innovative solutions. You will use Zoom conferencing, Microsoft SWAY and Padlet to participate in the program.


While the Student Start-Up Academy is generally delivered face-to-face, our early 2021 schedule is mindful of possible restrictions, so will be delivered virtually.

You will require a computer or laptop, internet connection, a pen and paper.

We also ask that you set up in a place were you can concentrate to avoid distractions and interruptions. Cameras and microphones are required to be switched on for full engagement.


The program will be delivered over 5 days. These will run once a week for 5 weeks to give you time to properly study and implement each module before progressing to the next.